Why did the terror gain momentum during 1793? (French Revolution)

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There are many reasons why the terror gained momentum during 1793, many beliefs are down to the war, despite many historians belief that the war started to favour the French, but from what there is, the war seemed to be an ever-growing problem. Also the economic problems which had occurred added to the momentum of the terror.

One reason why the terror gained momentum could be due to the execution of Louis XVI in January 1793, this “freed” many people, who felt tied up when Louis was alive. This meant people were now free to do what they wanted to, this was an end of an era of the Monarchy and France could start anew. After this, thousands of people were executed, after being suspected of anti-revolutionary activities or of helping France’s enemies, 12,000 were officially guillotined, but many others were shot, drowned, or put to death some other way. Also seeing as France was at war to external


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