there was preaching that had not be authoirised by Urban himself (ex by Peter the Hermit) who wanted to leave immediately and roused the faithful into urgent action. He moved through the Rhinelands in April with around 20 000 people

in May Walter Sansavior left with around 15 000 people


  • left during harvest failure & didnt have time to accumulate supplies. it was unplanned + impoverished (explains looting in Belgrade)
  • walter only had 8 knights
  • the size meant it would be hard to control

GERMAN CRUSADE: during May/June 1096 the Rhineland jews were victims of anti-semitism which was led effectively by knights/aristocrats.

  • Urban's preaching provoked a well pool of discrimination
  • the crusade was styled as a war of retribution - distorted by lay preaching
  • jews were non christian & were vicitismed for wealth and supplies
  • lack of understanding of crusade
  • disunited the armies of christendom
  • opposition on Hungary

the only survivors were those who accepted conversion

this wave


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