Why attachments are formed

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How to see an attachment is between two people:

Maccoby in 1980 said they - seek proximity, wanting to see and be near cargiver all the time. 

- distresed at separation, even for a little period of time. Children may feel homesick on a school trip. 

- joy on reunion, welcoming back attachment figures even if time being separated is short

- general orientation of behaviour, attention is given to each other and try to engage each other in activities

This can be seen in baby mother relationships, as well as lovers. 

How do babies develop attachments: 

A lot of research goes into animalsm as they form attachments rapidly after birth. an ethologist called Konrad Lorenz looked into this effect by: 

- placing ducks into two groups. one group of eggs were placed next to their mother whike the other were placed in a condition where lorenz was the first person the duck came across. 

- he then placed all the ducks together again and found on release, they went and sought after their "mothers". One group saw this to be Lorenz.

He concluded that this…


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