Why 1st Crusade was Launched

March 1095- Alexius Conmenus’ appeal for aid as Seljuk Turks have taken over Anatolia, retook Antioch and Iberia from Greeks in 1086, Won at Battle of Manziket in 1071 (Alexius had this battle Seljuk Turks were being violent but lost), Muslim encroachment towards Constantinople through spain.

--Questionable whether he asked for an army, may have simply wanted mercenaries to help defend his lands. Therefore the crusade may have been pre-meditated by Pope Urban


Increase/consolidate papal power:

-Investiture Contest consolidated Pope Urbans power as Pope Gregory had done with Henry IV in the 1150’s.

-Indulgence’s, Tithe’s and Church governing land are examples of Papal greed

-‘see that the Tithes that belong to God are faithfully paid’ Source 45-Fulcher of Chartres

-Papal propaganda is shown as emotive and exaggerated Robert the Monk shows violent language used ‘they circumcise the Christians’;


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