Why was Russia able to defeat Germany in WWII? Russian strengths

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Russia's war economy

  • The Russian command economy was well-suited to the needs of the war and the emergency mobilisation of workers and resources
  • Stalin relocated Russian industry to prevent it from falling into the hands of the Germans: by November 1941,  1,523  factories had been taken apart and reassembled in Russia's eastern regions and over 1 million workers had been relocated
  • By 1942, 56% of Russia's national income was devoted to the war, up from 17% in 1940 and a much higher figure than Britain, Germany or America
  • Factories devoted to consumer goods were converted to produce armaments and production of armaments doubled between 1941 and 1944
  • Soviet tank production exceeded German tank production by 33% and Russian tanks were durable and easy to repair

Russia's geography

  • Russia's vast size made it almost impossible for Germany to strike a decisive blow against it
  • Russia had vast natural resources, such as oil, that proved essential in wartime

Russian military organisation

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