Why Hitler became Chancellor


Why did Hitler become Chancellor? (10)



One of the reasons Hitler became Chancellor was because of the weaknesses of the Weimar government. Germany’s political system was falling apart and the people of Germany wanted a strong leader to make their country great again, Hitler knew this and with the weaknesses of the Weimar system he appeared stronger. The president at the time was an 84 year old war hero who was frail and past his time so this made Germany also seem frail so the people wanted a change. The Nazi’s blamed the Weimar republic for destroying Germany and Hitler told the German people that he would rid of the enemy from within. The country was still suffering from the depression and although the Weimar government tried to sort out financial issues, they failed. The chancellor raised taxes, cut wages and reduced benefits but that only angered the people more so the people of Germany wanted someone new. With out the weakness of the Weimar republic, there may not have been such a drastic need for change so therefore the weakness of the Weimar republic can be seen as an important factor into why Hitler became Chancellor.


Another reason Hitler became Chancellor was because of strong Nazi tactics that set the party ahead of others and making them appear more organized and stronger as a party on the whole. The party started by winning over the votes of the working class people, they did this with their anti-Jewish policies, which the people liked so they increased their anti-Jewish propaganda. Next, the Nazi’s won over the middle class and farmers by focusing on the messages that appealed to people. Hitler wanted the maximum amount of votes he could get so he made his policies very flexible so everyone thought they were getting what they wanted but in reality nobody really knew what the Nazi’s really stood for and because of this, people thought they could do no harm. Hitler would also have large public meetings, which were broadcast through large speakers, making his message seem important and allowing a way for everyone to be bombarded with his message in the streets of Germany. The Nazi’s also appeared to be the strongest party because of the weaknesses of the opposition, the other parties all fought amongst themselves allowing the Nazi party to be the largest party in Germany. The strength of the party helped Hitler to become


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