Why has the rate of divorce increased since 1969

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Changes in law (legislation)

  • 1937 divorce on grounds of desertion or cruelty- before 1937 only grounds were adultery
  • 1921 3000 divorces per year

1969 DIVORCE ACT (came into use in 1971)

Divorce available for

  • unreasonable behaviour
  • adultery
  • desertion
  • seperation (2 yrs agreed, 6 yrs qithout consent)
    • was made easier
    • 1961 27,000 per year
    • 1984 act, decreases to 1yr (from 3yrs) to file a petition for divorce

Decline in stigma

Stigma= negative label

  • Divorce is now more socially accpetable, leads to more people divorcing
  • Divorce…


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