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Prohibition – why didn’t it work?


Bootleggers and smugglers:

  • They brought illegal supplies of liquor into cities
  • Rum was smuggled in from the West Indies and whiskey crossed the river from Canada to Detroit.
  • Many big business men became involved in the liquor trade as it was a high paying business.
  • Joseph Kennedy, father of JFK, made a lot of the family fortune from bootlegging – may have been used to fund the JFK presidential campaign.
  • Helped to supply speakeasies
  • They were suppliers or manufacturers.


Illegal Liquor:

  • By late 1920s most alcohol was made illegally at home in ‘stills’
  • Known as moonshine – bath tub gin was made drinkable by adding other ingredients, often caused blindness and poisoning.
  • 1930 – 282122 stills were seized by the government
  • Alcohol in


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