Who Holds Power In Modern Britain?

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Reasons the power may reside with each of the following

The Executive

  • The elected goverment
  • Members of the governent, especially the prime minister and the cabinet, develop policies and bring bills to parliament
  • A government with a reasonable majority in the House of Commons can normally get its billed passed into law
  • Governmnts therefore have the power to change how we live

The Civil Service

  • Is responsible for adminstering the laws that Parliament has passed
  • The senoir officals can advise ministers, perpare and daft discussion documents and legislation and implement goverment decisions
  • The higher civil servants sometimes take…


David Ferguson


No mention of the EU which can over-ride many of our laws. No mention of the power of the press which, as recent events have shown, can be substantial. Perhaps the rather weird relationship between the Commons and the Lords should be mentioned.

Good succinct summary though.


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