When Did the Civil War Become Inevitable?

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1. During the Long Parliament's first session, from November 1640 to August 1641, the King had very little support. Parliament took advantage of this to dismantle piece by piece the legal, financial + religious instruments of the Personal Rule.

2.The key event in this first period was the trial and execution of the Early of Strafford. Strafford's death opened the floodgates to a series of Acts, all signed byt he King, which ended Personal Rule.

3. One of the most important of these was an Act which said that the King could not dissolve the current Parliament without its consent. This laid the legal foundation for the prolonged existence of the Long Parliament.

4. The King's concessions during this period won the support of many of his former critics, leading to the growth of a Royalist Party. These were people


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