What were the key achievements of Churchill's war time coalition government 1940-45?


''Rationing had a visible effect in equaling living standards.''

''Rationing was popular because it guaranteed that everyone would get the essential quantities of foods that were in short supply.''

''Death rates, infant mortality rates and suicide rates all declined during the war''


Butler Education Act in 1944 provided equal pay for men and women teachers.

Women conscripted into industry reasonably claimed for equality of treatment and equal pay, swifftly becoming an issue in industry. 

In some ways, the most important, if least suspicious change in government policy reduced by the Second World War was an attitude to employment. -Simpson. 

''Agriculture was the industry that benefitted most from the war''-Simpson

By 1945, agriculture was more prosperous than it had been for 70 years and the foundation of Britain's most successful post-war industry has been hid''

''The Coalition government successfully tackled the problems involved in gearing British Society, the economy and industry to the needs of winning the war''- Murphy.

The engineering industry has been strengthened greatly by the war, most branches increasing the numbers of employees by between 30% and 50%.

The government controlled industry both directly and indirectly, with factories working under and for the Ministry of Supply, the Admiralty and the Ministry of Aircraft Production.

''Most people were better off, and the addition of a second hand income as women went to…


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