What were the achievements of the Baldwin Government 1924-29?


What were the achievements of the Baldwin Government 1924-29?



Widows, Orphans and Old Age Pensions Act: 

  • Provided as part of National Insurance, paid for by those in work. 
  • Available at 65, instead of 70.
  • Health Minister Neville Chamberlain claimed the Act completed a 'circle of security' for British people. 
  • However, hundreds of thousands failed to qualify, or 'ran out' of rights due to long-term sickness/unemployment. Old Poor Law 'guardians' still existed. 


Merchandise Marks Act:

  • Required British Manufacturers to mark imported products which carried their own name with their country of origin as well. 

BBC Supervised by Govt:

  • Income provided by wireless sales. First Director General Jon Reith insisted on corporation's independence. 

Central Electricity Board set up: 

  • Distributed electricity. Later became National Grid. 


Franchise Act:

  • Introduced universal adult suffrage
  • Men and women could vote at 21, adding 5 million 'flappers' to the electorate. 
  • Opposed by Churchill and others, passed by Home Sec. Joynson-Hicks.


Local Government Act:

  • Old Poor Law authorities replaced by Public Assistance Committees (PACs) of county and borough councils. 
  • 140 PAC's, compared to over 600


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