what was the role of women during WW! and how did this help them to get the vote???

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what did the different groups do?

  • the suffragettes and the suffragists stopped their campaigns
    • the suffragists persuaded men to join the army
    • the suffragettes demonstrated for women to work in munitions
  • the order of the white feather was a group of women who gave out white feathers (as a sign of cowardice) to men not in the army
  • the mother's union tried to get mothers to persuade their sons to join the army

what jobs did women do and how did attitudes change??

  • by 1916 Britain was short of 2 million workers as the men had gone away to fight in the war
    • 6000,000 women took an office job by 1918
    • 200,000 women took on office jobs
    • factories were not keen to employ women as they thought:
      • they would not carry…


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