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What were the conditions of Louis XVIII's return in 1814?

Sign on Charter

  • Equality before the law.
  • Fair taxation.
  • Careers open to all.
  • Freedom of the individual.
  • Religious freedom, Catholocism was the state religion.
  • Freedom of the press.
  • Protection for property owners.
  • Abolition of conscription.

Parliamentary system

  • Choose his own ministers.
  • Introduce legislations.
  • Veto any amendments.
  • Dissolve parliament when he chose.
  • Control all military and civil appointments.

What was the effect of the charter?

  • Louis' return was less unpopular.
  • Restoration was acceptable - basic liberties and property rights.
  • Government still undemocratic.
  • 88,000 of 29 million had the right to vote.
  • Made it clear about freedoms granted by the charter, being a personal gift to his people, not a basic right.
  • Believed in his own divine…


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