What kind of early problems faced the weimar republic 1919-1921

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Invasion of the Ruhr 

What kind of early problems faced the Weimar republic 1919-1921

  • Freikorps
  • Signed TOV
  • sparticist 

The Kapp putsch, March 1920

  • over 5,ooo led to putsch-freikorps supporters.

held in Berlin, seized Germany

  • led by Kapp
  • Workers of Berlin, want or strike
  • Passive resistance
  • no support
  • showed wolkang Kapp had

How did workers help the Government:

  • produce
  • worker
  • taxes

Why was the Ruhr invaded?

  • John Maynard agreed that the Germany did not have enough money to pay reparations.
  • £157 million pounds a year, Germany's had to pay.


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