What is Reincarnation?

What is the Hindu version of Reincarnation?

- Reincarnation is a Hindu cncept that when the physical body (sarira) dies, the soul (atman), which is immortal, and the critical parts of a persons character are reborn into a new person.

What is the Buddhist concept of Reincarnation?

- Within the Buddhist concept of reincarnation, life and death are regarded as part of the cycle of existence (samsara). This cycle is endless and so the soul is reborn endlessly until it achieves the ultimate reality (nirvana).

- Once the ultimate reality is reached, you are united with Brahman (reunification with Brahman=Moksha); this reunification is one that all souls seek.

Dualistic view:

- This notion of reincarnation raises questions about the relationship between the body and soul as the distinction males reincarnation a dualistic account of life after death, as dualists believe that the body and soul are two separate entities that influence each other.


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