What is Development? Key Measures

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Development is how advanced a country is economically, culturally, socially and technologically.

Development can be divided into:

1) Economical development: how wealthy a country is and how it gets its wealth (in MEDC, you would expect more wealth from agriculture because more people are farmers)

2) Human development: the access people have to healthcare, education, leisure, safety etc.

How do we measure economic development ie how wealthy a country is?

1) the main measure is GDP (Gross Domestic

-'80o/ugkhvn, Product). This is the total value of goods and services that a country produces

How do we measure human development? There are a number of measures including:

1) literacy rates: the % of the population that can read or write

2) birth rate: the number of LIVE babies born per thousand of the population per year

3) death rate: the number of deaths per thousand fo the…


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