What is a Citizen?

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Citizens: Full members of their political community who possess rights in relation to the state in which they reside.

The Nature of Citizenship: A matter of debate

Might include:

  • Common civic identity
  • Good neighbourliness
  • Acceptance of shared democratic values
  • Recognition of a countries past achievements
  • Agreements on rights and responsibilities

Athenian citizenship expected citizens to

  • Participate in the government and administration of their polis
  • Attend civic meetings and take part in debate
  • Vote on issues of public policy
  • Be active members of their community, exercising rights and fulfilling their obligations

Active Citizenship: The belief that citizens who have done well out of life have a moral duty to be active, participating members of their community, volunteering to serve others. Usually,the meaning requires more than 'good works' (such as throwing a party for the elderly) but requires some evaluation of how what is done fits into the wider picture of public policy surrounding it.

As defined by the Crick Report it has…


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