what i need to revise: biology b7

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Blood and Circulatory System:

  • what is blood
  • red blood cells
  • plasma
  • white blood cells
  • platelets
  • humans have a double circulatory system
  • diagram of the heart

Tissue fluid and the skeletal system:

  • chemicals are exchanged between cells and capillaries
  • if you didnt have a skeleton you'd be jelly like
  • joints allow the bones to move
  • muscles pull on bones to move them

Exercise and fitness:

  • exercise helps to increase fitness
  • information is needed to develop the right fitness regime
  • heart rate and blood pressure increase during exercise
  • the ways fitness can be measured

Exercise and Injury:

  • excessive exercise can cause injuries
  • the RICE method
  • what physiotherapists do

Controlling body temperature:

  • body…


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