what did the liberals do to help the poor???

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  • local councils could give poor children free school meals from 1906
    • 1914 14 millions free school meals were eaten
    • however this law was not compulsory
    • only half of the councils set up a free school meals service
  • local councils set up a school medical service from 1907
    • from 1912 this included treatment as well as check-ups in schools
    • this was important as many parents could not afford proper medical treatment for the children
    • however, it did not give treatment, only see what the children had
  • children and young persons act 1908
    • it protected the children
    • parents could be prosectuted for neglect
    • parents could not insure their children and then claim money if the child died
    • children courts were set up
    • borstals were set up so the children did not go to adults prison


  • lloyd Geroge started an old age pension act1908
    • over 70's got 7s 6p a week
  • you only got the state pension if your income was less than £31 a year
  • you also had to have lived in Britain for the last 20…


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