What are the key elements of the legal system?

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  • Clear court structure of Her Majesty's Court Service (HMCS)
  • Supreme Court - Hear appeals from Court of Appeal and High Court. Run law Law Lords. No jury. 
  • High Court - Chancery division (involving money/tax), Divisional Court (bankruptcy/land), Queen's bench division, Contract and tort, Commerical Court, Admiralty Court, Administrative Court (oversee legality of other decisions)
  • Court of Appeal - Hear appeals from Crown Court, High Court and County Court. Civil and Criminal divisions. No jury. 
  • Crown Court  - Hear criminal cases for sentencing with judge and jury trial. Hear appeals from Magistrates Court. 
  • Magistrates Court - Here criminal cases including small offences, family issues and youth courts. No jury.
  • County Courts -


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