What are forces??

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What are forces??
Forces can change the speed, shape and direction of something.

Gravity pulls something back down towards the Earth. 

Thrust pulls something forward (ie. through the air).

Some magnets are attracted to each other and some others repel. This is the force of magnetism.

Air resistance pushes against falling objects and slows them down. 

Friction is the force between two surfaces that are touching each other.  

Mass and Weight


Forces are represented by arrows. 

The size of the arrow tells us the size/amount of the force. 

Which way the arrow is pointing tells us which way the force is acting. 

We measure forces in Newtons (N).

Mass is not a force, it is simply the amount of matter in an object. It is measured in Kilograms (KG).

Weight, however, is a force, so therefore, measured in Newtons. 

Weight = 1n = 0.10 = 100g


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