What was the nature and extent of social change?

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Rich and Poor

OBRA finance cuts mainly targeted federal spending for the poorest

OBRA also altered the Aid to Families with DEpendent Children programme - fewer eligible and many payments capped

The effect of Reagan's policies on welfare provision


  • Claiming benefit undersirable
  • 'Welfare to workfare'
  • One working parent to pay benefit - some less than minimum wage
  • Childcare impossible to find
  • States required claimant to be looking for work

Social housing:

  • 1985 3.7 million families qualified for low income home more than 1970 - none available
  • No federal funding for low cost homes
  • 1978 spent $32.2 billion to $9.2 billion 1988
  • Rise in homeless


  • 1987 Congress passed bill giving help to projects for homeless
  • 1984 federal funding available was $300 million 1988 it was $1.6 billion
  • 1987 McKinney Act set up Federal Emergency Management Food and Shelter Program to be run by the Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • FEMA matched state grants


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