Western Rebellion 1549

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The Western Rebellion (or Prayer Boook Rebellion) 1549:

The Western Rebellion was an uprising that began in Cornwall in Summer 1549 as a response to recent religious reforms and involved around 6000 people. 

Series of Events:

1548- Proclamations instructed the removal of images from churches

1548- April: The commissionerWilliam Body was murdered by the local commons when attempting to remove images from the local church.

1549- January: The Act of Uniformity and new prayer book were introduced (they were more protestant)

1549- June: rebels in Cornwall and Devon gathered together

1549- June: Rebels marched towards Exeter, they managed to attack and seize the town.

1549- August: Rebels came under attack form the royal forces led by Lord Russell

1549- August: The rebels were defeated by Russel's forces at Sampford Courtney.

During the rebellion Somerset initially offered to negotiate with the rebels however his offers were refused.I could be argued that the government led by Somerset were slow to react or realise how serious the rebellion was. 

It is estimated that around 5000 rebels


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