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This is the very first Wednesday the drama and dance group have got together for an hour after school. Fortunately, most people did show up. However, not everyone was needed for the scene we were practicing and therefore these people who weren't needed, were able to spend the hour learning their lines, doing some extra work towards their journals or even just watching and including their input and opinions of improvement for the scene.

I wasn't needed in this scene, and instead decided to work on ideas for advertisement for the showcase. I came up with a few ways to advertise the show so it sells out each night:

  • Posters
  • Assembly
  • Word of mouth
  • Letters for form groups in form folders

With this in mind, Bruce and I began to work on the posters. As I have previously already organised a showcase this year for my music course, I had many skills that came in handy with advertisment for West Side…


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