Wentworth and Ireland


Wentworth and Ireland

Wentworth’s role before the personal rule

Wentworth was viewed by Charles as one of his leading parliamentary critics. He was arrested in 1627 for not paying the forced loan. In 1628 he was given the job of president of the council of the north. In a way he “changed sides” because he accepted his office may have been an issue for his strong parliamentary allies. He only rose through the ranks because of the death of the kings favourite the Duke of Buckingham. Wentworth was appointed lord deputy of Ireland in 1632 and arrived in 1633.

By the end of Elizabeth’s reign she had gotten Ireland under control.

Problems in Ireland

Plantation= was the bringing protestant settlers into the country but English control in Ireland was essentially limited to Dublin. The rest of the country was controlled by the Irish Catholics.

Wentworth’s rule in Ireland

Wentworth’s aims

-          Impose authority of the English crown and church to the Irish

-          Allow English crown to profit from Ireland

The term most strongly associated with Wentworth’s rule in Ireland is “thorough” – an attempt to increase royal authority through the imposition of religious conformity and the user of prerogative courts.

The book of Rates was introduced and was successful in raising funds from 1633- 1640 it doubled customs income to £80,000

Wentworth manipulated the 1634 Irish parliament. By announcing the parliament would meet in two sessions, the first would deal with finance


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