Weimar Republic - End of World War II (1918-1945)

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Chancellor calls truce - (3rd October 1918) Max Von Baden demanded for the abdication of the Kaiser Willhelm II.

Kiel Muting - (26-7 October 1918) Where sailors refused to go out to war to get killed after calling of truce. This spread to the army, industrial workers, port workers and inevitable led to the revolution.

Abdication - (10th November 1918) Kaiser abdicates to Spa, Belgium.

Armistice - (11th November 1918) Max Von Baden says no so Friedrich Ebert (SPD) is in charge. Karl Von Liebknecht leads the KPD and Phillip Scheidemann (SPD) was temporary leader. Eventually a left wing alliance was agreed upon of the SPD and USPD mainly due to the soldiers and workers soviets.

Departure - (End of November) USPD leave government.

Occupation of Ruhr - (1923-5) French and Belgian troops occupied the German industrial area due to failure of…


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