Weimar Republic

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Political Problems:
. Friedrich Ebert had taken over as Germany's political leader in November 1918. He worked hard to restore order, and was determined to stop the Communists taking over.

.In February 1919, Ebert became the first President of the Weimar Republic.

.He was hated by both left-wing Communists and right-wing groups who wanted the army to rule in the absence of the kaiser, like the Freikorps. This was because he was a moderate.

. The Weimar government met for it's first time in early 1919 and agreed on its constitution.

. A constitution is the way in which a society is governed with agreed rules.

.The constitution was for it's time, very democratic. It allowed:
.All adults ( Male and Female) over 20 to vote in elections.
.All different political parties to have a say in the government.
.Proportional representation - The total number of seats for each party to be decided on the total number of votes gained by that party.
. A Chancellor. The head of the government who had to be elected based on having the support of the majority in the Reichstag. 
. A local government. Locally each area (such as Prussia in the North and Bavaria in the South) had it's own state government.
. A head of state


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