Weimar Republic

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The Origins of the Weimar Republic
The Armistice:
. The Weimar republic sent representatives to sign the armistice in November 1918.

. An armistice was an agreement to stop fighting.

. The Germans believed that the peace settlement that was to be worked out would be based on the proposals of the US president, Woodrow Wilson and his fourteen points.

.The fourteen points were proposals by Woodrow Wilson for a fair peace settlement that would aim to avoid future wars. The proposals were written in January 1918.

.This gave Germans the impression that all countries, victorious and defeated, should be treated in the same way. An example being all countries would be expected to disarm.

.However, when the discussions about a peace treaty took place at the Palace of Versailles, the German representatives were not allowed in. When presented with the terms in May 1919, the Germans could not believe how harsh they were! Germany was to punished and German leaders were told there was no option but to sign.

.The french leader, Clemenceau, wanted the terms to be even harsher.

The new German government was accused of…


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