Weimar Reublic

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Weirmar Republic

6 mark: What were the main problems facing Germany after WWI?


  •  Fear of communism from Russia
  • Keiser Wilhelm II had abdicated - citizens felt abandoned and lost due to no leader
  • Treaty of Versailles


  • Divisions between the rich and poor had grown during the war
  • Woman had to give up their jobs now that the men/soldiers had come back from the war
  • Influenza - had killed over 100,000 people
  • Families are left without fathers/husbands - woman had to now look after the children and find work


  • Income was 1/3 of what it had been before the war
  • 1/3 of the money was going to pensioners and veterinarians
  • The country was bankrupt after the war
  • There were now 600,000 widows and 2 million children without fathers

4 mark: What were the main features of the Weimar Constitution?

  • Proportional Representation - the % of votes you have = the number of seats you get in the Reichstag
  • Article 48 - President has emergency powers and can create new laws without having to go trough in Reichstag
  • Universal Sufferage - Men and Woman over 20 can now vote
  • Basic Freedoms guaranteed - speech, press, religion etc


Spartacist - 4th - 15th January 1919

  • Leaders Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht
  • They wanted a communist government in Germany like Russia
  • President Ebert used the Freikorps to defend Germany - ex-soldiers who were anti-communism
  • Both Luxemburg and Leibkncecht were killed and Eberts government survives
  • This uprising shows how weak Germany's government is

Kapp Putch - March 1920

  • Right - wing armed uprising
  • Leader Dr. Wolfgang Kapp
  • Wants the Keiser back in Germany to build an army and empire
  • Kapp used 5000 Freikorps and marched into Berlin
  • Ebert is now under threat and calls on the German army to fight the Freikorps
  • The army refuse as they all fought together in the war
  • Luckily for Ebert, the German public went on strike and all production stopped in Germany
  • Kapp ran away and


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