Weimar Republic

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The 'stab in the back' myth. The german people had been told by the Kaiser that they were winning the war, when infact they were losing. When the Kaiser ran away, Ebert had to be the one to surrender the war and to tell the german people that they had infact lost. This caused the German people to lose trust for the government and want to revolt against Ebert.

Treaty of Versailles. When Germany lost the war, the League of Nations had to decide on their punishment for causing the war. In the end, Germany lost 10% of their land, had a £6.6 billion fine, and had to reduce their, what was once an enormous, army to only 100,000 soldiors, and they had to be all volunteers. People blamed the leaders of the new rupublic. 

Political violence. Resentment against the new government was huge and in early 1919, communist leaders started to revolt. There were left wing groups…


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