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  • is a heavy jacquard type fabric with a raised pattern or floral design
  • pattern traditionally appears in golden or silver thread
  • typically woven on a draw loom
  • it is supplementary weft technique - the ormamental brocading is produced by an additional non-structural weft that supplements the standard weft that holds warp threads together
  • the purpose of this is to give the appearance that the weave is actually embroidered
  • ornamental features in brocade are emphasised and some time produced the effect of low relief
  • used to give texture and detail


  • large figures weave
  • used for reproducing patterns on a fabric
  • the repeating motif involves a large number of threads both for the warp and weft 
  • these weaves are produced on looms with Jaquard machines
  • often designed and controlled by computer programmes
  • contours of pattern are plotted and filled in with the graphic elements of various weaves
  • finished pattern indicates where to place the jacquard machine


  • is consisted of criss-cross horizontal and…


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