Weather and climate

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The greenhouse effect is a natural process where the atmosphere traps heat from the sun.

Possible causes of global warming are:

  • increase in carbon dioxide
  • increase in methane
  • deforestation
  • variations in the earth

Causes in change of climate are:

  • altitude
  • latitude
  • pressure
  • continentality
  • winds

Anticyclone - area of high pressure (dry and calm) LOW chance of rain

Cyclone - area of low pressure (wet and windy) unsettled weather

Isobars - measured in mbs (millibars)

Altitude - the higher you go the colder

Latitude - how close you are to the line of latitude the warmer (equator)

Hurricanes are formed over tropical seas. They are intense low pressure systems formed over seas at 27 degrees sea temp. They are warm, damp air spirals and as they rise they release warm air creating condensation. When at sea it picks up warm moisture for the cycle to start all over again and can only happen as long as the…


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