Wealth and poverty

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Wealth and Poverty

Key Terms:

Charity- to give help of money to those in need.

Compassion- sympathy and concern for others.

Immoral- not comforming to accepted standards behaviour. 

Moral- comforming to accepted standards behaviour. 

Tithe- the christian practice of giving a tenth of their income to charity.

Christian beliefs about the causes of hunger, poverty and disease


Many Christians feel its unfair for MEDCs to prevent LEDCs from developing a more profitable economy or to exploit workers.

Traidcraft is a Christian organisation which aims to bring a fairer trade practice and to reduce poverty by supplying fair trade products in the UK.

Some Christians may believe that hunger is a cause of greed from MEDCs } A Christian my refer to the parable of The Sheep and the Goat as an example of how Chrsitians should treat people less fortunate than themselves.


MEDCs encourage LEDCs to borrow money from them, however the interest rates then increase making the LEDCs harder to repay the loan. Christians may interpretate this into MEDCs charging interest at an unfairly high rate. This is called Usury


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