Weaknesses of VIRTUE ETHICS

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  • Susan wolf (1952-) claims that if everyone is virtuous, then there will be no variety or excitement in the world

We need the negative traits so that we can admire the positive ones. If all people are virtuous, then possibly a sense of apthy or boredom would become apparent, as there would be no variety

  • If society is to develop along the lines of Macintyre's beliefs, how can we decide which are the most important virtues to develop

It requires some sort of value judgement to be made about the importance of each virtue

  • Virtues sometimes will clash with each other

Which one is more important in each situation? should pragmatism always come above courage?

  • Some virtues can be incorrectly used to perform immoral actions

Certain people believe that specific values are actually immoral. So if you believe that the war in Iraq is unjust, can the action of the courageous soldiers fighting there be seen as developing virtue by doing something that is percieved as…


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