Ways of Investigating The Brain Essay Plan

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Discuss ways of investigating the brain (If scanning techniques use EEG and fMRI) - 16 marks 

AO1 - 6 marks 

EEG - skull cap with electrodes onto patients scalp. Records brainwave pattern to give overall account of brain activity. Clincians use commonly, arrythmic patterns may indicate neurologicla abnormalities like epilepsy. 

fMRI - identify changes in blood flow and oxygentaion due to neural activity. Active areas need o2 so flow directed to active areas to cope with increased demand. Produces 3D images to show parts involved in brain processes. Implications for understadning brain localisation. 

Post-mortem examinations - examining brain of dead patient. Can see if behvaiours observed before death link to any brain abnormalities. Can compare with neurotypical brain to ascertain the extent of difference. 

ERP's - types of brainwave triggered by events. Within EEG data, there are neural responses associated w specific motor, sensory and cognitive events. Isolate these through statistical analysis of EEG data. 

A03 - Evaluation


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