Ways of investigating the brain

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Functional magnetic response imaging (FMRI)-

A Functional MRI (fMRI) is a brain imaging technique that detects magnetic changes in the brain’s blood flow patterns. This technique is useful for detecting changes in activation of different centres of the brain. This technique can be used to identify behavioural abnormalities that exist because of unusual activation of area of the brain.


·         Unlike PET scans, FMRI does not rely on radiation.

·         Produces images that have a very high spatial resolution.


·         It is expensive, compared to other neuroimaging techniques.

·         A second time lag between the brain and the screen.

Electroencephalogram (EEG):

A recording of the electrical waves of activity that occur in the brain, and across its surface. Electrodes are placed on different areas of a person's scalp, filled with a conductive gel, and then plugged into a recording device. The brain waves are then attracted


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