Waves - the basics

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Waves have amplitude, wavelength, frequency and speed

  • All waves are disturbances that are caused by a vibrating source
  • They transfer energy in the direction that the wave travels, but do not transfer matter
  • The amplitude is the distance from the rest position to a crest or trough
  • Waves with a greater amplitude have more energy
  • The wavelength is the length of a full cycle of the wave, e.g. from crest to crest
  • Frequency is the number of complete waves passing a certain point oer second. Or the number of waves produced by a source each second
  • Frequency is measured in hertz (Hz). 1Hz is 1 wave per second
  • The speed is how fast


Miss KHP


Some nice and simple notes to help you go over waves.

Contains an example sum to work our wave speed. Try it yourself to see how it works.

Very helpful and simple.

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