Water on the land

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Water on the land - Types of erosion -

Hydraulic action - This is the sheer force of the body of water that the river is carrying, hitting the river banks and the river beds. The water gets trapped in the cracks and cervices in the banks and bed. This causes pressure, which results in rock from the river banks and beds breaking off.

Abrasion - This is when the rocks/material/boulders that the river is carrying rub against the river banks and bed causing it to wear away and brea off.

Attrition - This is where the stones and pebbles that the river is carrying knock against each other and cause parts to wear away, reducing them in size.

Solution - This is where soluble minerals are dissolved in water and carried in an invisible load.

Types of transportation -

Traction - This is where large boulders, that are too heavy to leave the river bed, are rolled along the river bed.

Saltation - This is where lighter stones and…


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