Water Transport

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How does water enter a plant

Water has to get from the soil, to the root and into the xylem to be transported around the plant. Water enters through root hair cells and then passes through the  root cortex, including the endodermis, to reach the xylem. 

Water also moves from high WP to low WP - down a WP gradient. The soil around roots generally has a high WP and leaves have a lower WP therefore keeps the water moving upright in the right direction. 

Water transport through the root

The symplast pathway

  • This goes through the living parts of the cells - cytoplasm. The cytoplasm of neighbouring cells connect through plasmodesmata. 

The Apoplast Pathway

  • Goes through the non living parts of the cells - cell walls. The walls are very absorbent and water can simply diffuse through them, as well as passing through spaces between them. 
  • When water gets to the endodermis cells in the root, it's path is


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