Wartime Russia



2.4 - opposition, Russia in war, political economic & social problems of war, opposition & collapse of autocracy, political development of 1917

Political Problems
•Going to war popular at first
•Duma dissolved itself - didn't want to burden with 'unnecessary' politics during wartime
•seeing as one the enemies was Germany, Russia changed the Germanic name of St Petersburg to the Slavic Petrograd
•Zemstva established "Union of Zemsyva"
- provide medical facilities
•Congress of Representatives of Industry and Business
- factory owners and businessmen
- help coordinate production
•June 1915 - zemstva & municipal dumas joined to form All-Russian Union of Zemstva and Cities
- chaired by Prince Lvov
- claimed right to help the government in the war effort
- never allowed direct influence
- Nicholas blamed it for stirring up trouble - didn't work with it
•August 15 - deputies from the 4th date created the Progressive Bloc
- demanded that the Tsar change his ministers & establish "government of public confidence
- asking for a constitutional monarchy
•September 1915 - defeated in Galicia
- led to Nicholas taking tole of Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Army and Navy
- would travel to front line, wouldn't be able to sort out problems at home
- did not have the military experience to help efficiently
-made him look more responsible for future defeats and disasters
•Left Alexandra in charge of government
-heavily influenced by Rasputin
-rumours that Alexandra was trying to ruin the Russian war effort
•Nicholas seemed unaware of the political problems occurring at home

Economic and Social Problems
●Military Issues
•most of the troops


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