War with Austria

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  • Austria had no allies
  • they were on the verge of bankruptcy
  • Holstein was sandwiched between Prussian territory
  • Feb 1866, Bismarck warned that war with Austria was iminent
  • prior to this, October 1865, Bismarck met with Napoleon III of France at Biarritz to gain French neutrality in the war
  • then in April 1866, Prussia gained Italian support in exchange for Venetia
  • Bismarck increased tension by proposing to make amendments to the confederation
  • Austria became cautious that an attack was soon so they mobilised their troops in April 1866
  • war did not start immediately to Bismarck's dismay
  • so to provoke them further he suggested to the diet to make changed to the constitution:
    - exclude Austria from the confederation
    - all troops in north German would be controlled by Prussia
  • Bismarck wanted support from…


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