War with Austria

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  • Piedmont now had support from a large country outside of Italy for a war, but the problem was how to provoke war with Austria without appearing as the aggressor
  • several attempts were made to do this
  • another reason why Austria had to be seen as the aggressor is because they would gain allies otherwise, Britain, etc. would support them in an unprovoked war
  • Victor Emmanuel II gave a provocative speech to try an lure Austria into a war - this did not work
  • Cavour then decided to mobilise the Piedmontese army
  • after a while, something did errupt: Austria demanded that Cavour demobilise his troops immediately 
  • fearing a possible attack, Austria then mobilised their troops - which was a large army. But it was also expensive to do this for a long time
  • Austria had sent an ultimatum for Cavour, and he refused
  • in response, Austria declared war on Piedmont 29th April 1859

The battles:

  • there…


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