Prussian war with Austria

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War with Austria

  • Prussian-Austrian relations deteriorated over the winter of 1865-6
  • Austria now determined on a policy of confrontation with Prussia

Austria in a weak position

  • No allies
  • On the verge of bankruptcy
  • Holstein was sandwiched between Prussian territory
  • At meeting of the Prussian Crown Council in February 1866, Bismarck declared that war with Austria was only a matter of time
  • Would be fought not just to settle the final fate of the Duchies but over the wider issue of who should control Germany
  • Bismarck laid the groundwork for war
  • Secret alliance made with Italy in April 1866, by which Italy agreed to follow Prussia if it declared war on Austria within 3 months
  • In return Italy would acquire Venetia from Austria when the war ended
  • Tension over Holstein and over proposals to reform the Confederation…


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