Voting Behaviour

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Theories of Voting Behaviour

The Social Structures Theory

  • Relies on Social Class
  • Working class tends to vote for labour whilst the middle class votes conservative
  • Butler and Stokes- teenagers are socialized into their political views by their primary influence- their parents.
  • There are deferential working class supporters of the tories
  • Peter Pulzer- 'Class is the basis of British party politics'
  • Class dealignment

Party Identification Model

  • Party identification is in decline
  • Class alignment is linked to partisan alignment
  • Between 1945 and 1970 there were high levels of party identification
  • There has, however been a decline in the two party system as third parties have become more prominent such as the Lib Dems and now the SNP
  • Coalition of 2010
  • Failure to procure 70% of the vote in


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