Voluntary Sector Leisure

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The voluntary sector is pivotal for sports, hobbies, and artistic production and performances.

Voluntary organisations rely on funding from private companies and fundraisers where all profits are put back into the organisation.

76% of UK festivals and events rely on volunteers.

There are 5 types of voluntary organisations:

-Sports groups.

-Community service groups e.g. soup runs.

-Community development groups: these do jobs they feel the government aren't doing e.g. taking people on holidays that otherwise would'nt be able to go on them.

-Community action groups e.g protests, pressure groups.

-Social groups e.g. working mens clubs

A countries social capital is measured by looking at the number of voluntary and community groups.

In roughly 100 years the scouts and girl guides group has spread over 213 countries and has had 213 million members.

The national trust own 1% of British land.

Volunteers: People who offer their time for informally or formally for no expected benefit.

Some examples of volunteering:


-Litter picking.

-Wildlife conservation.


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