Volcanic hazards

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                                 Volcanic Hazards:

Volcanic activity provides opportunities and risks for people
Volcanic solid are fertile-tectonic activity provides energy sources through geothermal energy,
Lava can be used for building material
Both MEDCs and LEDCd volcano flanks are farmed and devolved for housing, exposing the population to the benefits and the risks of such a location
Volcanoes represent a threat to all property and any person living in the high risk zone around them 
Housing quality type and and income provide no protection against hazards created by an eruption 
                             Primary Volcanic Hazards: 

Pose more of a threat to passing property rather than people
Fissure euptions are the most dangerous of basaltic eruptions- 50km per hour, Amdestic/rhyoltic lavas flow as plastic and mve very…


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