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A capella - Singing without instrumental accompaniment

Call and response - One group (or leader) calls and the other group "responds", usually by echoing what the first did

Coda - A short, added ending to a piece

Dissonance - A combination of two or more notes that create tension and must be "resolved" with standard chords (ones that are expected, or pleasant to the ear)

Arpeggio - Broken chords

Melody - A musical element that is a combination of pitches arranged in orders that are usually pleasing to hear. Pitches move up, down or repeat to make a melody 

Adagio -  Slow

Andante - Walking pace

Allegro - Fast

Rubato - Flexible tempo

Harmony - When two or more pitches are sounded at the same time

Mezzo-Forte/Forte/Fortissimo - Quite loud/Loud/Very loud

Mezzo-Piano/Piano/Pianissimo - Quite quiet/Quiet/Very quiet

Ternary Form


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