VO2 max and OBLA

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 VO2 max:


- The amount of oxygen the body can take in and use in one minute

- Maximum volume of oxygen that can be consumed during maximal workout

- Maximum oxygen consumpton attainable during maximal work

VO2 = Volume of oxygen consumed 

Factors Affecting VO2 max:

- Gender

- Age

- Genetics

- Training intensity

- Amount of haemoglobin in the blood 

- Amount of capilalries around the lungs and the working muscles

For training aimed at improving a performers VO2 max using the aerobic system the work - relief ratio is normally longer in duration and intensity, just below the anaerobic threshold.

The relief ratio is typically shorter (1:1) which helps reduce the OBLA and delay muscle fatigue and therefore prolong the aerobic system adaptations.


some elite marathon runners or cross country skiiers can perform up to 90% of their VO2 max without significant lactic


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