virology case study


Case Studies:

biology of small pox and why it is now extinct:

- wide endemic in europe and asia 

- exclusively human and spread person - person

- starts as a respiratory infection

- dsDNA 

immunisations against smallpox:

innoculation against smallpox using live virus in the 1500's 

edward jenners vaccination with cow pox 

now = vaccination with vaccinia virus 

eradiciation was possible because:

- it was exclusive to humans 

- no hidden carriers of the disease

- only one serotype 

- vaccination was 100% successful 

the biology of herpesvirus:

- dsDNA with relatively large genome 

- lifelong infection 

latent cycle = few viral proteins expressed and no virions produced

lytic cycle = all viral proteins expressed and virions produced

2 strands of herpesvirus:

HSV 1 = infects nerve cells - primary infection is cold sores - reactivates due…


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